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SunnyWebBox | python module for RPC

The main building of the UdK Berlin now has a solar plant (photovoltaic) mounted on the roof. It’s equipped with a monitoring system: a Sunny WebBox made by SMA Solar Technology. This box offers browser-based access to the realtime data and a RPC system (remote preocedure calls). Although documentation exists, it was not easy to…

DyMat | version 0.5 reads more file formats

Version 0.5 of my package DyMat has been released. Read access to different file structures has been implemented. The new version will be able to read most mat files written by dymola. DyMat should still be handled as beta software, it may have some bugs!

Polygon development moves to GitHub

The development of the python package Polygon was moved to github. I created two projects for the code for python 2 and 3. The project pages at origo.ethz.ch will be closed soon. The information was updated at pypi.python.org, but no code was changed yet. Since there are no known bugs and feature requests right now,…

BerliOS is dead, SimuVis still on hold

BerliOS will close its services at the end of this year. The development of SimuVis was hosted there. Since my activities with SimuVis are already on hold, I decided not to move to another hosting platform. When I find the time and motivation for the development of SimuVis I may move to GitHub.

DyMat | Reading Modelica results with python

The simple module has turned into a complete python package including a script, documentation and more output options. This package is released under the BSD License.  The development is hosted on github.com, feel free to contribute! Project homepage: http://www.j-raedler.de/projects/DyMat Development hosting: https://github.com/jraedler/DyMat Highlights: documentation (well,  some …) command-line script DyMatExport export to CSV, Gnuplot, MATLAB…


| View all articles regarding DyMat | This package contains some modules to read and process the result files from Dymola and OpenModelica with python. A script is included that will help you to browse and export the contents of these files to other formats. Both simulation systems save their results in regular mat-files, but…

Polygon | new package 3.0.4a

The source  package for Polygon 3.0.4 was missing a lot of files. This was caused by a bug in python’s setuptools package. I packaged a new file for version 3.0.4a . The source code was not changed but the contents should be complete now. Sorry for any problems you had with this issue!

DyMat.py used in LBLs Modelica Buildings Library

My python module DyMat.py will now be part of free Modelica Library for Building Energy and Control Systems developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The module may be used under the terms of the Modelica License 2. I will add the copyright notice and license information to the file soon.