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Modelica Conference 2012

The conference is over now, it was pretty interesting. My paper about the usage of ncDataReader2 with Modelica is linked at the publications page.

Talk at the Modelica Conference 2012 in Munich

I will have a presentation and talk at the 9. International Modelica Conference in Munich at 3.-5. September 2012. It will focus on: ncDataReader2  – my file reader library, its usage from Modelica and its application in recent research projects. Version 2.3.0 is out now, but  I hope to get some improvements done til september….

ncDataReader2 | version 2.3 coming soon

Version 2.3 of my data reader library is coming in the next days. Here’s a list of recent improvements and bug fixes: added CosWin approximation added constant extrapolation example GenerateBigFile is much faster now fixed a bug with Akima and default extrapolation near the right border that existed for a long time added functions to dump…

How to convert a csv file to netCDF with 7 lines of python code

When preparing files for the ncDataReader2 I often have to convert text files that contain values separated by TABs or commas. In most simple cases this can be done with some lines of python code. An example is here: import sys, pupynere ll = [l.strip().split(‘,’) for l in open(sys.argv[1]) if not l.startswith(‘#’)] vv = zip(*[map(float,…

ncDataReader2 | 2.2.4

A new release 2.2.4 of ncDataReader2 is out. Some bugs were fixed and the API has slightly changed. This version should work both with Dymola and OpenModelica on Linux and Windows. When you have a DAP-enabled netcdf library  it will even fetch data from the web in background. I already did some Dymola simulations with…

ncDataReader2 | 2.2.1

A new minor release of ncDataReader2 is coming. It only fixes one important bug: Numerical  attributes (like scale_factor and add_offset) were not read correctly with 2.2.0. Source and binary packages will follow soon.

Accessing external data from Modelica with ncDataReader2

This example demonstrates the use of the library ncDataReader2 to access data sets from Modelica in a way suitable for the simulation system. The access is handled via external functions from Modelica which read and interpolate the data stored in netCDF files. Dymola is used as the simulation system here. As ncDataReader2 is a simple,…

ncDataReader2 | 2.2.0

A new release of ncDataReader2 is out. Changes include: switched from autoconf to cmake tested to compile on Linux, Windows and MacOS the easy API (EA) was completed EA works now with Modelica (Dymola): a weather file reader was implemented and tested with the  modelica library FluidFlow new documentation in english support for netCDF attributes…