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Exhibition “Das Netz” gets awarded

This exhibition at the German Museum of Technology, to which I contributed three exhibits, is the winner in a nationwide contest. It has won an award as an “Excellent Place in the Nation of Ideas 2015” in the category culture.

Video of the new exhibits

TV.Berlin made a report on the new exhibition, showing two of my exhibits in action. Watch the full video or start directly at 9m33s. You will see the Fiber Optic Communication and the Packet Routing exhibit.

Packet Routing @ Das Netz

Interactive exhibit at “Das Netz” in the “Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin” – cooperation with Felix Scharstein This device shows a network of 18 nodes and 27 edges that form a model of the internet. Messages can be send betweeen 4 terminals. These messages are split into data packets that are reassembled at the receiving terminal. The routing…

Fiber Optic Communication @ Das Netz

Interactive exhibit at “Das Netz” in the “Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin” – cooperation with Felix Scharstein This device demonstrates data transmission over fiber optical cables. The sender unit emits light impulses when one of the buttons (0 or 1) is pressed. By sending eight bits a character is transmitted (ASCII code). A receiver unit shows the bits, the…

Visualize Packet Routing with FlipDots

Another exhibit for the Berlin Museum of Technolgy will be a visualization of packet routing in networks. A large wall will show a network of nodes and edges, where the connections (edges) are formed by lines of FlipDots. When the visitors send data over the network there will be a lot of optical and acoustical feedback. 🙂   We plan to…

Polygon | new version 2.0.6 and 3.0.6

I just released the new version of my packages for polygon handling with Python 2 and Python 3. There are only small changes, the most important ones are: moved development and downloads from GitHub to bitbucket after GitHub closed the download area, renamed the packages from Polygon to Polygon2 and Polygon3 to avoid confusion, especially…

BerliOS is dead, SimuVis still on hold

BerliOS will close its services at the end of this year. The development of SimuVis was hosted there. Since my activities with SimuVis are already on hold, I decided not to move to another hosting platform. When I find the time and motivation for the development of SimuVis I may move to GitHub.

Polygon used in new VPython

I’m glad to see that the Polygon package is now used by the popular VPython software to support the creation of the new extrusion objects. The VPython authors even made a special license agreement that allows the use of GPC (and thus Polygon) free of charge for every purpose as part of the VPython distribution:…