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DyMat_logoThis package contains some modules to read and process the result files from Dymola and OpenModelica with python. A script is included that will help you to browse and export the contents of these files to other formats.

Both simulation systems save their results in regular mat-files, but use a special variable structure to store the data efficiently. An easy way to access the data is MATLAB, but some people (like me) don’t have it or don’t want to use it. DyMat needs scipy to load the contents of the files.

DyMat started  as a simple python script, but now it’s a package of modules and a powerful script to use the functions from the command line.


The development of this package is hosted on GitHub, you may browse and download the source code and documentation there.

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  1. Frank Gómez says:

    Thanks for the info. I could finally manage to install this libs using Python(x,y) distribution (I have some troubles installing them one by one in my Win7 64-bit).

    Then, is it possible to run your tool inside Eclipse?

    • jraedler says:

      Sorry, but I don’t use Eclipse. What do you mean with “run inside Eclipse”? What are you trying to do?

      • Frank Gómez says:

        I’ve just installed PyDev in Eclipse. I will use it for coding in Python (I don’t want to have a different tool for each language).

        The purpose is a big software project, working with python and modelica classes. Some Java code will be used in the future also.


  2. Frank Gómez says:

    Hi Joerg,

    I have an issue with Test.py script. I execute this command in the cmd:
    python Test.py
    And get the following error:
    ImportError: No module named numpy

    How can I solve that?


  3. Zec says:

    Hi Joerg,
    I have already pythonxy installed on my PC. Could you please tell me how and where to install DyMat? Under DyMay, I see several .py files. If I take CSV.py, how can I use this file along with my python already installed? I would appreciate if you email me or add your comment. I would like to convert OM mat file to a CSV or Excel format.

    • jraedler says:

      The package can be installed like most other python packages: open a terminal (cmd.exe), go to the package folder and run “python setup.py install”.

      After that you should be able to import the modules or call the script DyMatExport.py in a terminal (use “DyMatExport.py –help” for an overview of the available options).

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