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Talk at the Vintage Computing Festival Berlin

Last weekend the Vintage Computing Festival Berlin took place for the second time. This was a good opportunity to present our new MEMEX exhibit. My talk on Vannevar Bushs MEMEX vision and on our interpretation of this vision was recorded and can be watched at the media archive of the CCC (german only).

Pictures of the new exhibits

I finally found the time to prepare some pictures and a bit of description for the new exhibits at Das Netz @ Deutsches Technikmuseum. >> MEMEX >> Packet Routing >> Fiber Optic Communication

MEMEX @ Das Netz

Interactive exhibit at “Das Netz” in the “Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin” – cooperation with Felix Scharstein The MEMEX is a historical vision of an american scientist, published in 1945, but never realized. It is a „device for individual use, which is a sort of mechanized private file and library“ based on microfilm technology. The most important idea is the creation of…

Building a MEMEX

I recently started building a MEMEX device for a new exhibition “Das Netz” in the Berlin Museum of Technolgy. The MEMEX is a vision of a scientist from the 1940s about future knowledge management based on microfilms. The exhibit will use computer components instead but it will simulate the look and feel of a microfilm…