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Machines / Devices / Exhibits


Most of my software projects are hosted at, some older code can still be found on github.

  • ncDataReader2 is a library of C functions to access data stored in netCDF files using different interpolation and extrapolation methods.
  • Polygon is a python package for operations on polygons
  • DyMat reads the result files from Dymola and OpenModelica
  • SunnyWebBox – make RPC to a Sunny WebBox with python
  • wav2dxf – convert and adjust a sound to a height profile that can be used to produce an audio-mechanical sound generation device (not public)

Older Projects / Abandoned / Outdated

  • XMarshaL is a marshaller for python (like marshal or pickle) that uses XML for data exchange.
  • Triangle is a small python wrapper around the triangulation library Triangle by Jonathan Richard Shewchuk.
  • CoordSys is a small python package for the fast transformation of points between cartesian coordinate systems. It’s usually used to transform points from 3D to 2D and back. The code is still available on
  • FuGrep means fuzzy grep, which is inexact string matching. FuGrep is a replacement for agrepy, which works nice but has a very unpythonic interface. FuGrep uses agrep for the underlying functions and uses concepts of agrepy, but replaces the python wrapper with its own code.
  • SimuVis is framework and an interactive application for data handling, visualisation and simulations.