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Reading Buttons of a LCD Keypad with Arduino

The LCD Keypad shield from dfrobot is a nice way to get a display and some buttons for an Arduino board. Unfortunately the reading of  button presses does not reliably work with the standard software (LCDKeypad). The alternative keygrabber library seems to be incomplete and did not work for me. The dfrobot forum lists some…

Modelica Conference 2012

The conference is over now, it was pretty interesting. My paper about the usage of ncDataReader2 with Modelica is linked at the publications page.

Polygon | new versions 2.0.5 and 3.0.5

I released new versions of my python package for polygon handling. The changes contain only bug fixes, no new features were added: fixes some issues with recent versions of NumPy fixes some issues with recent versions of Python 2 and 3 NumPy support is enabled by default now Source and binary Packages for Python 2…

DyMat | version 0.5 reads more file formats

Version 0.5 of my package DyMat has been released. Read access to different file structures has been implemented. The new version will be able to read most mat files written by dymola. DyMat should still be handled as beta software, it may have some bugs!

Binary Toy for the Museum of Technology, Berlin

My first larger project using the Arduino platform is an exhibit for the German Museum of Technology in Berlin. It will be shown in the Konrad Zuse exhibition. The device shows a random number (left display). By activating the correct bits in a binary representation (center display) the visitor has to assemble this number (right…