ncDataReader2 LogoVersion 2.3 of my data reader library is coming in the next days. Here’s a list of recent improvements and bug fixes:

  • added CosWin approximation
  • added constant extrapolation
  • example GenerateBigFile is much faster now
  • fixed a bug with Akima and default extrapolation near the right border that existed for a long time
  • added functions to dump access statistics, useful to optimize paramters and caches
  • added error dialog for Win32: now you get error mesages within Dymola and other software that  hides stdout from the user
  • added command line client ncdr2Dump1D to dump interpolated values, very useful for testing
  • build with netCDF 4 on Windows including DAP supported
  • documentation updated to include the new features

A source package and binary package for Windows will be uploaded to GitHub within the next days.