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LogoncDataReader2 is a library of C functions to access data stored in netCDF files using different interpolation and extrapolation methods. The aim of this library is to provide access from simulation systems like Modelica to data sets like weather data or measured time rows. As such systems usually require strict continuity of functions and their derivatives, smooth spline interpolation is included.

netCDF is a very efficient binary file format for structured multidimensional data. The netCDF library is freely available on all major platforms. ncDataReader2 works both with netCDF versions 3.x and 4 (which is based on HDF5). ncDataReader2 supports reading one dimensional data (like generated or measured time rows of simple quantities), using periodic extrapolation if needed. Interpolation methods currently supported are discrete steps, linear, akima splines and smoothed steps.

Support for variables that depend on two dimensions (scattered points, lists of x,y,z-pairs) is included but not very well tested. The 2D functions use the csa library for cubic spline interpolation by Pavel Sakov. ncDataReader2 will build as a static or dynamic library on Linux, Windows and MacOS X.


The development is now hosted on GitHub. You can checkout the source and download packages at:

News: the development platform has moved from github to bitbucket. The old repository at github will stay available for some time but you should always use the new one.


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