I moved the hosting of my software projects again: from GitHub to bitbucket. My GitHub repositories will be available in the near future, but I will use bitbucket for development (until further notice 😉 ).

I must confess that I always used the free offers and never spent any money on project hosting. So I got a lot for free and should not complain. But all offers proved to be suboptimal or did not exist long enough to be a reliable platform.

After some self-hosted RCS,  CVS and SVN repositories (many years ago) I moved to Origo.ethz.ch. This pretty good service was closing after some years. One of my projects then moved to BerliOS. This service was announced to close as well, so I used this as a chance to switch to git and moved all my projects to GitHub.

After some time I needed a private repository for a closed-source project. Private repositories are not part of the free plan on GitHub, so I used bitbucket in parallel. Now that GitHub has decided to close the download area, I needed to find download hosting for packages. Instead of  using three different services I decided to move all my projects  to bitbucket today.

Some of my older projects (like Polygon) now outlived  a lot of different platforms and version control systems.