Although working mostly with linux  I need to install or to use a MS Windows machine from time to time. Being spoiled by the large amount of software available for linux I really miss a lot of functionality on a “naked” windows computer. After the installation and update process of windows I usually install a bunch of packages which are open source or at least free (as in beer). Here’s the list of my favourites. It’s not meant as a complete list for typical users but more as a reminder for myself.

Office / Productivity / Multimedia

Programming / Math

  • python(x,y) – scientific python distribution with lots of additional packages
  • processing – programming language for graphical applications and sketches
  • TortoiseSVN – client for version control with svn
  • Scite – text editor for programmers (shipped with python(x,y))
  • gnuplot – plotter for data sets and functions (shipped with python(x,y))