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Video of the new exhibits

TV.Berlin made a report on the new exhibition, showing two of my exhibits in action. Watch the full video or start directly at 9m33s. You will see the Fiber Optic Communication and the Packet Routing exhibit.

Talk at the Vintage Computing Festival Berlin

Last weekend the Vintage Computing Festival Berlin took place for the second time. This was a good opportunity to present our new MEMEX exhibit. My talk on Vannevar Bushs MEMEX vision and on our interpretation of this vision was recorded and can be watched at the media archive of the CCC (german only).

Pictures of the new exhibits

I finally found the time to prepare some pictures and a bit of description for the new exhibits at Das Netz @ Deutsches Technikmuseum. >> MEMEX >> Packet Routing >> Fiber Optic Communication

Exhibition opens tomorrow: Das Netz @ Deutsches Technikmuseum

The projects that kept me busy over the last months are almost finished! Tomorrow the new permanent exhibition “Das Netz” at the “Deutsches Technikmuseum” will open. Felix Scharstein and I developed and build three interactive exhibits for this. You can read about the exhibition at the german computer news portal Two of our exhibits…

Visualize Packet Routing with FlipDots

Another exhibit for the Berlin Museum of Technolgy will be a visualization of packet routing in networks. A large wall will show a network of nodes and edges, where the connections (edges) are formed by lines of FlipDots. When the visitors send data over the network there will be a lot of optical and acoustical feedback. 🙂   We plan to…

Building a MEMEX

I recently started building a MEMEX device for a new exhibition “Das Netz” in the Berlin Museum of Technolgy. The MEMEX is a vision of a scientist from the 1940s about future knowledge management based on microfilms. The exhibit will use computer components instead but it will simulate the look and feel of a microfilm…

PSoC 4 – an exciting low-cost platform

I started using microcontrollers with the Arduino / ATMega platforms because of the simple IDE and the large amount of additional material available. Now I discovered a new platform and started building projects on it. Its the PSoC 4 family made by Cypress. You get a prototyping board with an ARM processor and everything you need…

Polygon | new version 2.0.7 and 3.0.7

After one and a half year I released new versions of my packages for polygon handling. There are no big changes, just some patches that have accumulated over the time. Most important are: fixed some methods to work with instances of subclasses fixed a bug in the SVG export (rgb), thanks to Diederik van Lierop…