Note: The development was put on hold right now because of other projects. When I find the time I may continue with this project.

SimuVis and its current implementation SimuVis4 is a framework and an interactive application for data handling, visualisation and simulations. It’s based on python as the programming language, Qt for the GUI, Qwt for charts and VTK for 3D scenes. Currently it runs on Linux, Windows (both tested) and MacOS X (untested). SimuVis4 is released as OpenSource. The GUI is available in english and german, more languages can be added easily.

The development hosting at BerliOS will close et the end of 2011. I will choose a new location when there’s need for it.

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  1. admin says:

    I uploaded the code to github:

    But keep in mind that this code is old and completely unmaintained at the moment.


  2. Panos says:

    Hi, is there a repo somewhere?

    with regards,

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